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Business Turnaround

How we work and manage:

  • First step: Knowing

    • At the beginning of every relationship there is need to understand and get to know each other and find an empathic relationship necessary to continue and achieve the results set out. Of course at this stage we will start to analyse the current status and the visible problems.
  • Understand what you have to improve and how

    • Establish that there is like-mindedness, continue to work and we will search for the root causes of problems to resolve them in the best way
  • Decide together where we want go

    • Having figured out how to solve the problems it is necessary to define together which company goals to achieve and how to monitor and control them (definition of the critical factors for success and KPIs are necessary to monitor) and the rules to follow.
  • Roll up the sleeves

    • Start change management phase: the reorganization of people involvement in the development and control of: competitive positioning, innovation, products, prices, markets, processes, logistics and costs.
  • Follow the way started and consolidate the results obtained

    • Now is time to establish and consolidate knowledge and actions taken to push the company towards new goals and take benefit from that


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