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Our mission is to sustain and help to realize our Client company goals. In order to reach this

outcome, we maintain our company and professional standard to high level.

Valori e Cultura  FC&Partners

Valori e Cultura


We work hard to maintain these standards and you can see this in our organization rules: the Managing Partner leads a steering committee of partners, this committee is elected from among partners every two years. The steering committee is supervised by an Advisory Board composed of area experts.

Our 5 values guides our action and helps us in day to day decision:


We believe in integrity and act with integrity. Our action is driven by high professional and ethical standards.

Team work

Hearing members of your team, respect different perspectives and always put the interests of the client company and our society before those of the individual.


Analysis, elaborating, thinking. Brilliant decisions based on real fact and using our company expertise.

Open mind

A ready ear, and recognition that powerful new ideas can came from the most unusual sources.


A work ethic rooted in excellence in which talent and ability are allowed to flourish and progress is based on merit.